Hi, I’m Ryan McCurdy 

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Creativity is my passion Cinema. Sound. Stills - Creativity is my passion

I'm a hard working sound recording professional who is proficient not only in the technical aspects of my role but also have a firm understanding of the importance of working efficiently and harmoniously within any film-making production; large or small. Whether it be a Music Video, feature film, reality TV series or agency TV commercial my goal is always to get the job done right the first time.
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I'm building this website bit by bit - please excuse any bugs or design hiccups. Like a true creatve, my work rarely has an ending. If something looks REALLY broken - feel free to drop me a line.
                                       - Ryan
On Location

Looking for the sub-woofer...

As an Audio Director, the excitement and pressure of running the audio for an internationally watched sporting tournament is hard to top. From first serve to match point, the team at Tennis Australia always put on a brilliant performance.
on location

Shane Crawford all tied up

I know a German sound engineer - and a Czech one too. Ryan McCurdy
On Location
Quotable Quotes

Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.

~ Frank Zappa

I have More than 10 years Of experience


I do a lot of cool things

Location Sound
Post Sound Design
Audio Restoration
VJ Installations
105+ Productions well done

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2021 Rate Card (Audio)

  • Half Day - $300
  • Full Day - $500
  • 12 Hours - $750
  • Overtime - $100/hr
  • Travel Day - $550
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Standard Audio Kit (+ Labour) $250
  • Sound Devices Mixer
  • 2x Lectrosonics Radio Mics
  • Sanken Boom Mic
  • Tape
  • Batteries
  • Bad Puns
  • 50km travel per day
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Equipment Extras (+Sandard Kit +Labour)
  • Wireless Camera Links - $150
  • Hard Drive Recorder - $150
  • Extra Radio Mics - $100/unit
  • Digital Timecode slate/lockit - $50
  • Producer/Client IFB - $50/unit
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Let’s give a word To my clients

The best sound recordists are the ones who catch beautiful sound, put in the hard yards and get the job done without fuss. Ryan is all that with a cool head and superb technical skills. Whether in the midst of a large juggernaut reality TV show, the working class western suburbs or at the Prime Minister’s residence. Ryan is relatable, professional and without a doubt the guy for the job. Tim Hawkins (DOP)
I have known Ryan for almost a decade now and have worked closely with him on some of Australia’s biggest reality shows. I certainly enjoy his ability to converse really well with producers and talent, to get the most out of them for all of our shoots. He also has my back and keeps me informed with anything else that is relevant that I may have overlooked.
All round top performer with excellent equipment. PAUL WEBB (DOP Spiderweb Productions Pty Ltd)
Always a pleasure to have Ryan on a shoot. Ryan has a great work ethic and is always very easy to deal with. And of course his work has always been to a very high standard.
Quite simply – we like using the best so Ryan is always going to be on our list.LYNNE WALKER (General Manager - FOX Sports Australia)
Ryan delivers on every level. He is my go-to for all things I can't do and honestly, hate to do. From website design and management to producing high quality videos and audio tracks for my Youtube channel - he is professional, reliable, talented and more importantly an all round great bloke. Thanks Ryan for bringing my jumbled ideas to life and always finding the solution where I only see problem. Oh, and for making me laugh! That's important in my world too.EMILY CHADBOURNE - Your Mindset Coach
Ryan who!?
Just kidding.
Ryan is an absolute asset to any production, whether it be behind the camera or with headphones on. Reliable, Professional and FUN on set.GRAHAM WATSON - Jam TV
Ryan is a mean spirited person who once made his girlfriend eat a flower because he thought it was funny.
(This is actually true, you can see the video here - Ryan) 
Ryan is a pleasure to have on set. Professional and friendly. Hands on with great equipment to deal with many varied scenarios. Solutions oriented and positive.BRENDAN LEE (Line Producer)